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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

Euan - If insulin doesn't actually work for you at the moment (3000 units a
day, bg stays above 30) then you could argue that carb counting is a bit
irrelevent. I really do hope the forthcoming treatment is successful.

But for me (I take abou 40 units a day and keep my bg below 10 most of the
time), insulin is powerful stuff. 1 unit of insulin lowers my bg by about
2.5, and 10g of carb raises it by about 1.7. Once you've achieved some
stability, you don't need a maths degree to realise that you can match your
carb intake with you insulin, and so peg your bg between 4 and 8. That's
the normal range for a non-diabetic person. If you keep your bg high all
the time - above 15, say - then after 20 years you go blind and your
kidneys fail. Not nice. I've had diabetes for 22 years, since I was 11. I
intend to live a long and healthy life, and die at a ripe old age. That's
why I carb count. Not because some doctor tells me too, but because I find
it allows me to run a normal bg, and so reduce my risk of nasty


>Hi its me Euan ihow long have you been diabeteic i cant belive you count
>carbs i stopped after 3 weeks and i am getting on fine i mean don't tell me
>you go out somwhere and get out a little book and calculate how much carbo
>your gonna eat

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