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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

> John
> I think it sucks big style that the BDA have thrown carb counting out the
> window. I have argued endlessly with their dietician, Norma McGough, who is a
> lovely person but needs to spend a week or two as a diabetic. How can you
> possibly get your blood sugars right if you don't know how much carb you are
> eating ? Very frustrating.

Moira - a number of us (mainly through the diabetes-support mailing list)
are meeting up in Oxford on Saturday 25 September at the BDA conference. Do
you fancy joining us? I feel we could usefully bash some heads together
quite violently...

I acknowledge that there are many different ways to treat diabetes. We each
of us have our own optimal solution. And the solutions will differ. 22% of
people in Britain are functionally illiterate. That means they cannot read
a newspaper. It's much the same in the US as well. Can you expect these
people to juggle figures, charts, ratios and tables? I think not. Maybe
they are better off with "eat healthy" and take 2 injections a day of
pre-mixed insulin. Sad but true.

Many others have the ability and motivation to minimise the inconvenience
of diabetes and maximise their health outcome by pumping and carb counting.

The BDA  attempts to give one-size-fits-all blanket advice. You see why
they are a laughing stock. Such a strategy is destined to fail. I also
believe it is counter-productive to aim Balance jointly at the type 1 and
type 2 market. Therein lies another debate...

Diabetes is a bugger of a condition. Good advice for one person will be bad
advice for another. How can a magazine handle this? Can you say a low-carb
high-fat diet is the best solution for some people, while others need a
high-carb low-fat diet? Will the reader end up more informed or more
confused? Tricky. You end up giving the eat-your-greens-and-wash-your-feet

Much work to be done!

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