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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

Hi its me Euan ihow long have you been diabeteic i cant belive you count
carbs i stopped after 3 weeks and i am getting on fine i mean don't tell me
you go out somwhere and get out a little book and calculate how much carbo
your gonna eat
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 05 August 1999 16:06
Subject: Re: [IPk] Carb Book

>I guess I'm quite lucky with my carb counting as ,y guesses are
>usually pretty good. However, I don't eat out that much, although I do
>eat at friends quite a lot. At least that means that in a pinch I can
>ask them to weigh the food or look at the packet for me.
>I sometimes find that on labels, the carb content listed seems
>extremely unlikely. I once had a sandwich (normal 2 slices of bread)
>which claimed to be 20g of carb. Now I find that very hard to believe
>since a normal slice of bread is aroun 15g. I have also seem labelling
>where it doesn't add up - the amount listed per 100g and the amount
>listed per pack don't match, so which do you believe?
>usually I just go by gut feeling and get away with it though.
>For example, today for lunch I had a French bread type sandwich with no
indication of
>carbs. I was in a hurry to get to a meeting and made a complete random
>guess at 1.1 units bolus (supposed to be 1 unit but my finger slipped on
>the button before I realised!) and an increase in my basal by 0.7 units for
>hours. I couldn't be bothered even to work out what that would total.
>BG before was 5.5
>BG 2 hours later was 5.7
>Now that's what I call good guesswork!
>OK, you may say it's jsut a lucky guess. but that seems to happen all
>the time.
>However, it would be nice to actually do it properly!
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