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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

John Neale wrote:

> >Hi Paul
> >
> >We use a book called the Calorie Counter by Collins Gem - costs 3.99 and
> >all carb values are given per 100g.
> Let us know if it's any good, Paul.
> I am also still looking for decent ways to carb count accurately. With
> prepackaged food it's dead easy - they tell you the content (usually). But
> frankly I eat very rarely out of a box. And I'm lazy. I live in the real
> world. Plates of food in restaurants and canteens. Yesterday's pasta
> reheated. Second helpings of my wife's apple pie. When I accurately carb
> count, I can keep my bg pretty steady. But carb counting the whole time is
> like standing on a slippery log - I can't stay there! The moment I start to
> get a life, I start throwing insulin at myself rounded to the nearest unit.
> And that means bg's rounded to the nearest 2.5 (45). That's the difference
> between normal and hypo for me.
> So what to do? Any advice on fine control in the real world is gratefully
> received...
> Interestingly (and frustratingly) the BDA do not advocate carb counting any
> more. It's been scrubbed off the board. "The old-fashioned way". The
> motivation for this curious stance seems to be that in the real dirty old
> world people don't carb count even if you tell them to. So doctors tell you
> to eat regular, and eat healthy, and everyone pats themselves on the back
> and goes home happy and fulfilled, until the complications start.
> Last Xmas, the BDA's mag had a list of common alcoholic drinks, listing
> calories and alcohol content. No mention of carb content. Hello? Is
> diabetes no longer about matching glucose and insulin?
> John
> I think it sucks big style that the BDA have thrown carb counting out the
> window. I have argued endlessly with their dietician, Norma McGough, who is a
> lovely person but needs to spend a week or two as a diabetic. How can you
> possibly get your blood sugars right if you don't know how much carb you are
> eating ? Very frustrating.

By the way, I am feeling very excited since I have just experienced 24 hours of
great blood sugars for the first time in 15 years ! I feel chuffed to chips. It
took me some tweaking in my first week on but I have to say it was worth it. I
realise that I still have hurdles ahead and times when I may need to readjust
my basal but even so, it is a real milestone day for me. To top it off, an
experiment I needed to complete in order to finish my Phd and start writing up
my thesis finally worked after six months of hard slog. Is this too much
excitement for one person in one day ? Probably ! I even went to MacDonalds and
the pub with friends and still emerged with good blood sugars. I think  I need
to lie down in a darkened room now to get over the excitement.

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