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Re: [IPk] changing basal rates

> I had a period last summer where I needed a lot more insulin at dawn to get
> a nice waking bg. And then it disappeared one night, and I had a bad hypo.
> Since then I've not really needed a big dawn raise.

That sounds similar to what's happenign to me, except mine's more a
morning thing than a dawn one.

> The upshot is that I don't entirely agree with John Hughes' assertion that
> basals remain essentially stable for long periods of time. Apart from

I think it's only natural that the body's needs might change from time
to time, just as other things change.
Of course,  some people are lucky in that their body is relatively
stable in that respect - mine is just plain awkward :-)
Just as some people can get perfect control on MDI (or even on 2 shots
a day) and others can't.
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