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Re: [IPk] changing basal rates

>Does anyone else find that their basal rates change considerably over time?
>Mine appeared to be set correctly for a couple of months and now I find
>they don't
>seem to work any more.

Not considerably, but they do benefit from a little tweaking from time to
time. You know, skip a meal and see whether the bg rises or falls. I'm not
terribly organised, and I don't have such a thing as a typical day, but I
divide my basal rate into 4 periods. Nighttime, dawn, morning and
rest-of-day. Perhaps I could have more, but my control is good enough at
present to not need it. HbA1c 5.4%. I occasionally change the rate in a
period up or down a notch (1 notch = 0.1 uph), and I may change the time
that one period goes into another, and sometimes 2 consecutive periods may
have the same basal rate, if you follow...

I had a period last summer where I needed a lot more insulin at dawn to get
a nice waking bg. And then it disappeared one night, and I had a bad hypo.
Since then I've not really needed a big dawn raise.

The upshot is that I don't entirely agree with John Hughes' assertion that
basals remain essentially stable for long periods of time. Apart from
anything else, the timing of a dawn increase should surely vary through the
year as the time of dawn changes...


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