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Re: [IPk] Moira Harrison

Moira - I think Luigi sounds a wonderful name :-) But who was he? And did
your husband know about him?

>When I rang to complain I got
>a load of earache and was told that 99 percent of the time it is the person
>using it and not the meter that is at fault. Gee, thanks.

Bloody amazing! The earacher should be sacked. They've just lost years of
highly profitable strip sales, all because they couldn't pop a cheapo
replacement meter in the post and indulge in a little emotion
reciprocation... The amount these companies spend promoting brand image,
you'd think they would take a little care over who fronts the company on
the helpline.

>I have now binned the Medisense and bought a Glucotrend

I use the Bayer Esprit. I like the fact it's small and stores 10 strips on
a disk inside it. No need to carry tubs of strips.

>I am happy with my Rapids and will stick to them I think.

I can't imagine using a set that I can't detatch at the skin. But maybe I'm
just a softy. Remember, you should not be able to feel an infusion set. If
you can feel it, change it. And if it hurts going in, move 5mm and try
again. The skin is speckled with nerves. You don't want to stick a set
through a nerve.


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