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[IPk] changing basal rates

Does anyone else find that their basal rates change considerably over time?
Mine appeared to be set correctly for a couple of months and now I find they don't seem to work any more.
In particular, I used to have a weird kind of reverse dawn syndrome where I would need LESS insulin first thing in the morning.
Now it appears I have a normal dawn syndrome whereby I need more.

My old rates were roughly
12am - 4am 1.3
4am - 12pm 1.1
12pm-12am 0.9

Now I seem to need something like:
12am-7am 1.3
7am-12pm at least 1.5
12pm-12am 0.9

My Bg seems to be higher in the late afternoon as well so that may
need looking at, whereas before that was the time I seemed to go low!

I suppose I could blame the hot weather but my insulin requirements
are always less not more during summer normally.

Am I just weird? (hmm, maybe on second thoughts don't answer that).

P.S. Moira, I know lots of people name their pumps. I guess it's a bit
like naming your car. Since I don't talk to my pump I don't really
feel a need to give it a name :-) It knows I love it (most of the
time). I like to think of it as my "battery pack". I feel a bit like
the Duracell bunny, Or is it the Energiser bunny?

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