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Re: [IPk] Loads of insulin

Hi john
I use Actrapid U500  And i use two somtimes three syringes a day

i have had tests and i have got  severe antibodies to all three types of
insulin / Pork Human Bovine

I am on a course of steroids to try and supress the antibodies i am soon to
start Haemoglobin and if that dosn't work i have to have Kemopherapy
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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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Date: 03 August 1999 15:01
Subject: [IPk] Loads of insulin

>Euan Connelly wrote:
>>Sowaht your bm went up to sixteen mine r normally above 30 how much
>>do u use in a day i have over three thousand units a day
>Euan - that's certainly a bugger of a problem you're facing. How do you
>manage to get that much insulin inside yourself? Extreme insulin resistance
>makes normal type 1 diabetes sound like a holiday.
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