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Re: [IPk] To change or not to change...

Hmm, thinking about it, I think that with the Sofsets they can hurt
for a bit and then be OK. With the Silhouettes, if they hirt they're
more likely to be "bad sites". For me, anyway. But Sosets seem to
cause me more bad sites than Sils anyway. I think they tend to go into
the muscle. Never tried the Rapids but I know for a fact that
non-disconnectable tubing does my head in, especially as I swim 2-3
times a week.


> Hmm... well, I stand by my assertion that if I can feel the infusion set,
> something will be less than perfect. For me it's a very strong predictor.
> I'll get bad or irregular absorbtion, or redness around the infusion point,
> or blood backing-up the tube. On a handful of occasions I've put a new
> infusion set in, and just sensed that it's not 'right'. Whip it out and
> start again. 

Yup, i've done that a few times too. I'm a bit wary though because
although my sets are free, I constantly seem to run out and either
have to switch to Sofsets or make the sets last until the next


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