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[IPk] To change or not to change...

>Oh, I disagree with John N about the sets though.
>i've found sometimes a set can hurt for the first hour or so and then
>settle down and be fine. I had one Sofset (when I was still using
>them) that was obviously in muscle in the top of my stomach, and hurt
>like hell (but I didn't have any more spares). It wasn't until a
>couple o fhours later when I went on the Big One at Blackpool that it
>stoped hurting! Something must have dislodged it slightly and it was
>fine for the next 3 days after that!

Hmm... well, I stand by my assertion that if I can feel the infusion set,
something will be less than perfect. For me it's a very strong predictor.
I'll get bad or irregular absorbtion, or redness around the infusion point,
or blood backing-up the tube. On a handful of occasions I've put a new
infusion set in, and just sensed that it's not 'right'. Whip it out and
start again. OK, I waste a set, but I gain in the long run. I do appreciate
that I am blessed with an unlimited supply of free infusion sets though.

Imagine whipping out an injection of long acting insulin :-)


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