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[IPk] Moira Harrison

Hi Moira

I have only just read your posting of 31 July, I have been away for the

Sorry that the pump has not been an instant success, you are one of the
unlucky ones but bear with it and suddenly, "bingo" you will wonder why you
ever doubted it.

Like you, the Tenders scare the S*** out of me. I started on them because of
the flexibility of dis-connection but I changed to the Rapids with the 8mm
needle, I find them much easier to insert. Also I think you will find that a
detachable Rapid is on the way.

At first the pump seems obtrusive, but like all things, once you get used to
it you don't realise it's there. At night I just throw it under the pillow,
OK it finds itself in some strange places! but it has never stopped, or come
out even though it fell over the end of the bed once.

As you say, Sandra is terrific, as are the other DSN's, you will find that
with constant use the changing of Infusion Sets, Cartridges etc will become
second nature to you.

Once your basal rate has been programmed correctly you will very rarely have
to change it. As you say, it is "early days yet" and we all on this list
KNOW that things will improve, just hang in there and remember we are here.
We've been there, done that and we've got the T-shirt.

Thinking of you,

John Davis.

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