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[IPk] Moira and other stuff

Hi Moira, and welcome anyone else who's joined since I've been away).
In answer to Hilary's question, yes, I've been housesitting in
Northwich for the last 2 weeks, where I had no email access.  Actually
it was great, I'm now totally chilled out after having noone hassling
me except sheep and cats, doing lots of sitting in the garden and
working on my thesis.

Anyway, to answer Moira's question...
I started on the pump 4 months ago and haven't looked back since. I
went all prepared to fight my way with the docs (and was in fact
prepared to do it even if they said no), but luckily they were happy
to go along with it since there are a coupleof other pumpers at my
clinic. Interestingly noone had ever suggested it to me as an option
although I had terrible control on MDI.

I had lots of initial worries about things like how to sleep with it,
and how to wear it, but you soon find the best solutions for you with
a bit of trial and error. I use the long length tubing and started by
putting it under my pillow at night. However, I tended to strangle
myself doing that so I soon gave up and just put it in bed beside
me. it often ties itself in knots (literally) but that never stops it
working. The worst that can happen is it falls out of bed in the
night, but since it only lands on carpet that doesn't matter. I've
never had a set come out in the night. When I shared a bed with
someone else one time (not what you're thinking - just a friend!) I
clipped it onto my pyjama shorts as I thought it safer. I'm not sure
how other people manage with someone else in the bed. 

Wearing it during the day I have a variety of methods depending on the
clothers I'm wearing and what I'm doing, but none of them have
involved any kind of alteration to my clothes.


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