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[IPk] Any feelings about change from Animas Vibe to Medtronic 640G ?

Hi, I changed from Animas Vibe + DexcomG4 to Medtronic 640G + enlite CGM
approx. 1 month ago. I have really struggled with the "high maintenance"
nature of the 640G + Enlite system. I had high hopes but the system just
annoys me because, to my mind, it needs so much additional interaction from
me, compared to the Animas+Dexcom, with no extra benefits.  I am
particularly annoyed by the Medtronic system beeping and alarming almost
non-stop, and the Enlite CGM only lasts 6 days, has a very long lag time and
is not user-friendly in requiring calibration etc at set times. The enlite
"smartguard" system which turns off my basal when I have a low BG does not
really help me, but causes me problems later on because I don't have enough
basal insulin on board. Does anybody else who switched from Animas to
Medtronic have any thoughts? Maybe it is just me!
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