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Re: [IPk] BG testing in the rain

You do push yourself (and your equipment) to the limit Di!
My suggestion would be to avoid mountains - especially in the rain lol.
PS Di and I go a long way back. I haven't posted much but I'm happy to 
report that I got funding from the Government here in New Zealand for 2 
years pump supplies. YAY!

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From: Diana Maynard
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2014 8:41 PM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPk] BG testing in the rain

Does anyone have any tips for BG testing when you're up a mountain (or
anywhere else with no shelter) and the rain is hammering down and
everything is wet? I had this problem on Snowdon at the weekend. Felt
very tired halfway up and knew it was either high or low BG but not
which one, so stopped to test. Couldn't dry a fingertip on anything as I
was wet through, and every time I put a strip in my meter, either the
end of the strip got wet before I could add the blood, or my finger with
blood dripping out got wet before I could get the strip into the meter!
After about 10 wasted strips (and getting very cold with no gloves on) I
finally managed it (I was low). I'm using a Bayer Contour meter (never
used to have this problem to such an extent when using a meter with
integrated strips, because you didn't have to touch the strip to put it
in the meter, and there was no faffing with getting the strip out). And
yes, I can see why CGM is handy in such situations, so I don't need
anyone to tell me that :-)

I also think I may have had my first ever experience of proper
hypothermia that day, but that's another story (but an interesting point
about being able to tell the difference between / interaction between
low BG and hypothermia).

BTW I am back from my trip and absolutely fine, no ill effects, in case
anyone's worried :-)
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