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Re: [IPk] whinge whinge moan moan

 Can you check the anti virals somewhere? Do they have any steroidal properties?
When do you take them (once, twice a day) do they peak mid morning? Could you
get a slow release version? It is very weird. Sorry, not much help.
Helene x

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> On 2 Apr 2014, at 11:15, "Diana Maynard" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hi folks
> Just wanted to sound off, don't expect anyone to have a magic solution.
 > For the past week or so, my BG has rocketed up to 22mmol/l or so a couple of
hours after breakfast. Same breakfast I've been eating for the past 4 years or
so! It's infuriating as the rest of the day my levels have been more or less
fine. The only difference is some anti-viral drugs I've been put on (for 6
months initially), which roughly coincides with the start of the post-breakfast
BG spike, but it could be coincidental. I've also been ill for the past month or
so, on and off, with this recurring low-level virus thing I've had for a few
years that they're trying to kill. It's meant slightly increased basal needs,
but not drastically, while I've been ill.
 > Yesterday my body obliged with a spectacular low BG at 9am, an hour after
breakfast. Thought the spiking problem was clearly over, but an hour after that,
it spiked to 18. Today, just back to the spike to 22. I'm off up Snowdon this
weekend, on an active 3-day walking trip, so would quite like to resolve this! I
don't dare increase my breakfast insulin after what happened yesterday (I hadn't
even increased my insulin yesterday).
 > Mystified and annoyed. It's probably just the weird impact of the virus (I
can feel fine in the morning, and like death in the afternoon, or vice versa,
for example).
> Di
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