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Re: [IPk] Exam Stress/ management

Hi Sandra
I agree that it can be very difficult to find the happy medium between 
making a fuss and being open about diabetes and your needs. That's 
something we all have to deal with all the time in daily life, and of 
course everyone is different in what they feel is right for them. In the 
past I've definitely been guilty of the opposite and of not being open 
enough about my needs in front of friends. So I think it's good o have a 
discussion about this kind of thing, and that's what I was instigating 
on here. Personally, I think it's totally unecessary to have a separate 
room and so on, but that's my opinion. Clearly the opinions of people on 
here vary too.
It sounds like you have a pretty good attitude overall and my intention 
was not to upset you, just to get people to think about this balance. I 
do believe that when diabetics make an unnecessary fuss 9such as - in my 
opinion - demanding to be served urgently in a restaurant - and of 
course there are ways and means of doing this in a polite way if it 
really is necessary for some reason), it does harm some of the efforts 
we (as diabetics) put in to educate the world about diabetes and to 
prevent us from being treated unfairly as a result.

On 30/04/2011 10:21, Sandra Atkinson wrote:
> It was quite upsetting to imagine my fellow diabetics think that I am
> 'making a fuss'. The main reason i requested a seperate room a was to spare
> my classmates the distraction of me faffing with testing or adjusting my
> pump.  Ever had to listen to someone tapping a pen while under exam
> conditions?  I do not wish to be a distraction for anyone, so its as much
> for everyone else as it is for me.
> I can understand everyones point on not wanting to be treated differently,
> be it in a positive or negative way.  but the fact remains that we are
> different, our needs vary from person to person. I think it shows more
> sense, confidence and capability to ask for assistance when its needed or
> helpful rather than to be too proud to bother.  Yes diabetes is my lot in
> life, I deal with it as best i can, I take care of myself so as not to put
> any extra pressure on my loved ones and I strive to stay at the top of my
> game no matter what i am doing.  I have never let my diabetes stop me from
> doing anything, it often takes a fair bit of forward planning and
> organisation, but thanks to that these are now skills i have in abundance.
> Sandie
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