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Re: [IPk] Exam Stress/ management

hi Sarah
I hope you didn't go with that company for the life insurance! I'm sure 
you can find better quotes.
It's like the travel insurance - some companies load the premium in 
ridiculous ways, even though I have never had a hospital admission for 
diabetes in more than 30 years of having DM, healthy BMI, low BP and 
cholesterol and am fitter than most people I know!

Being single and having no dependents, I never bothered with life 
insurance when I took out my mortage (and now I'm finally mortgage free 
and still have no dependents/partner etc, so I still haven't bothered!).

On 27/04/2011 11:13, Sarah Haywood wrote:
> I agree whole heartedly Di! We have so many restrictions forced upon us and I
 > definitely do seem to spend a fair amount of time telling people that I can
 > pretty much what I like in my life, I just need to plan ahead more than most
> and
> be aware that things aren't always as straight forward as they might be for a
> "normal" person!
 > One example of being restricted (kind of )I have experienced recently is that
> my
> husband and I are in the process of moving house and we have had to take out
> life insurance for our mortgage. Seeing as I have pretty good control and no
> major complications (only background retinopathy) I thought that I my premium
> wouldnt be loaded too heavily..... when they came back with my quote they had
 > loaded my premilu by 225%!!!! When I questioned them about this, they said
>   it was beacuse my HbA1c was over 7% (it is 7.3%), I have been diagnosed for
> over
> 15 years (15 years and 1 month) and I have background retinopathy (hasnt
 > everyone after 15 years od diagnosis??) I was sooo cross, I asked them if
> took into consideration the fact that I exercise daily,  have very low
> cholesterol, normal BP, healthy BMI, few hypos, etc etc, in fact I am the
> fittest person I know... And they said that the important things were HbA,
> length of diagnosis and any complications.
> So yes, it makes me cross too when people use diabetes as an excuse!
> Sarah
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