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Re: [IPk] exam stress

Hi Sandra
Two things:
(1) If it only happened once, it might not have been stress at all, just 
something unrelated, e.g. air in your tubing, or a random unexplained high.
(2) on the other hand, you may find that your BG shoots up even when you 
don't feel stressed. I get this in softball matches often - even when I 
don't feel at all stressed in a game, my BG can shoot up when in 
practice (ie not in a match) it tends to drop like a stone with exactly 
the same amount of exercise! I think this is more positive adrenalin 
than stress, as stressful events in general don't actually affect my BG. 
So even if you feel calm, knowing deep down that the exam is important 
may be sending the adrenalin soaring....

I have to say I've never done anything special for exams, through 
school, university and beyond. I've just tested immediately before the 
exam and made sure (as always) that I have a pack of glucose tabs in my 
pocket and my meter handy. That's all you need really (though as someone 
says, you may want to warn the invigilator in case they frown upon you 
stabbing yourself or eating sweets mid-exam. I can't see why you would 
need extra time though, unless you're actually hypo - it only takes 
about 10 seconds to do a blood test. Glad they are supportive though!


On 26/04/2011 16:41, Sandra Atkinson wrote:
> Hi guys
> I woke up with a reading of 8.4 had 10.5 before breakfast. Took an
> extra 3 units with my breakfast bolus and put my pump onto +10% an
> hour before the exam began. Just before I started it, my reading was
> 19.1, I didn't feel stressed, I was very well prepared and despite
> taking 2 more units, after an hour had passed it had gone up to
> 19.9!!! Obviously I need a higher temporary basal rate, but I'm
> worried about going hypo. I'm thinking of a 40% increase an hour
> before might work. Guessing I can only try!
> My university have been very supportive, they've provided me with a
> private room and let me have all my kit for testing and all manner of
> snacks and lucozade and stop the clock when I have to test. Couldn't
> ask for more from them!
> Waiting on advice from my dsn as well but I appreciate any input from you all
> Sandie
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