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RE: [IPk] Sorry, hypo again.

Hi Steve

Could be that your gut has more healing to do.  Sometimes it takes years to
get back to normal.   Sasha's HbA1c was 5.9% in the 6 months before coeliac
was diagnosed and we were being berated by the hospital for trying to keep
her HBA1c too low when in fact we had changed nothing and they weren't
listening to us about the hypos after meals and hypos which were worryingly
hard to reverse.  I guess because Sasha hadn't had coeliac for that long it
didnt take long for the digestion to get back to normal and her HbA1c was
something like 7.3% for a couple of years before the pump.  Interesting that
you need to adjust so much but I can understand why.  Sasha is still needing
less insulin to carb ratio and currently is not having to bolus before
breakfast to prevent a spike.  No doubt things will be back to normal for
Sasha soon.

Kind regards
Jackie J

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Hi Jackie, I'll snip if I may. I've eaten gluten twice since diagnosis. 
To be blunt, my guts emptied. We have a small kitchen but my bit is 
totally, as far as I can make it, gluten free. I have separate 
everything but all my carbs are half normal. I have 15g cho per 100g of 
rice instead of 30g cho. My coeliac rolls are 50% of what the packet 
says, 65g cho and I have 32 as is pasta.
I just go hypo and I don't know why. It's a sod but it's better since 
post coelaic diagnosis. the whole thing can be a mess but my HBA1C is 
fine, 5.6. Probably all the hypos. My Cholesterol was 1.5 at one stage.
The whole auto immune problems can be a bit grim and I suspect all our 
bits are indeed fighting each other. :-)
I hope Sasha can have a nearly normal life.


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> Hi Steve
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