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Re: [IPk] Sorry, hypo again.

Hi Jackie, I'll snip if I may. I've eaten gluten twice since diagnosis. 
To be blunt, my guts emptied. We have a small kitchen but my bit is 
totally, as far as I can make it, gluten free. I have separate 
everything but all my carbs are half normal. I have 15g cho per 100g of 
rice instead of 30g cho. My coeliac rolls are 50% of what the packet 
says, 65g cho and I have 32 as is pasta.
I just go hypo and I don't know why. It's a sod but it's better since 
post coelaic diagnosis. the whole thing can be a mess but my HBA1C is 
fine, 5.6. Probably all the hypos. My Cholesterol was 1.5 at one stage.
The whole auto immune problems can be a bit grim and I suspect all our 
bits are indeed fighting each other. :-)
I hope Sasha can have a nearly normal life.


On 24/04/11 22:00, Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> Hi Steve
> I can well imagine that you had undiagnosed coeliac for many years.  At the
> time Sasha and Becky were diagnosed with coeliac our clinic didn't seem to
> know that there was a link between coeliac and type 1 and in fact it was
> only shortly after Sasha was diagnosed that NICE recommend testing for
> coeliac on diagnosis and thereafter every three years  though this last bit
> has now been taken out of  the NICE guidance on Type 1, which I think is
> quite wrong, I think it's because there is NICE guidance on coeliac,  but
> they that is assuming that all diabetes clinics understand the link and even
> bother to wonder about the symptoms.  Sasha never had any obvious  "typical"
> symptoms or stomach ache, only the severe hypos and the fact that the
> insulin action was out pacing the food absorption.  Even with fast acting
> carbs.  When she had bad hypos even Lucozade would take ages to work.  It
> was a night mare.  It was when I was talking to someone in New Zealand whose
> son had both coeliac and type 1 diabetes and I began asking some questions
> and doing some research.  To make matters worse Sasha's consultant had a
> wife with coeliac and because Sasha had few other symptoms he dismissed the
> idea.   When the results of the blood tests came through positive he phoned
> us at home very surprised.
> I don't think that Sasha is eating anything with gluten in because even when
> she was much younger and was with us even more so her diet was more
> controlled by us if she had a stomach bug the effects on the digestion were
> very noticeable and parents on the UK CWD parents list whose children have
> not got coeliac also report that their child experiences low BG levels for
> days after they appear to have recovered from the bug.
> Also, if Sasha and Becky do accidentally consume something with gluten in it
> which they have done in the past when we have made mistakes there are no
> noticeable effects.  Unlike some people with coeliac who cannot tolerate the
> smallest crumb or food with gluten in having just touched a plate that they
> might use.
> Do you think that your gut is now healed? Or do you think that there has
> only ever been a partial recovery?
> Kind regards
> Jackie J Mum to twins Sasha and Becky, both coeliac  (only Sasha has
> diabetes)
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