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Re: [IPk] Sorry, hypo again.

Hi Jackie, it was 2008 after biopsy and endoscopy. I was probably 
coeliac since the late nineties. Have been having B12 and folic acid 
plus iron injections since then. I first started going badly hypo since 
1985 and the docs thought, I suspect, that I wasn't paying attention to 
the diabetes. Wrong, I've known it was a serious disease since 81 
diagnosis. Not a nice feeling to wake up in A&E and know the nurses names.
You're to be commended for forcing them to test. Auto immunes come in 
bunches not single items.
I had to inject 30 mins after eating also. Only way I wouldn't pass out.
I still bolus after meals.
That's frightening too, the reminder of pre coeliac. Do you think 
there's some gluten getting through? I really suspect that it only takes 
a fraction to mess up one's absorbtion. I can tell by my toilet usage if 
I've eatening gluten but it's not foolproof :-(


On 24/04/11 16:49, Jackie Jacombs wrote:
> Hi Steve
> How you doing today?   How long ago did you find out that you were coeliac?
> When my daughter was diagnosed with coeliac she had some extremely bad hypos
> and seizures.  The diabetes clinic didnt seem to have realised there might
> be a link.  It was only diagnosed when I did some research and asked for
> tests.  At one point we were having to inject Actrapid 30 minutes of more
> after she ate, otherwise the insulin worked too fast, before food had been
> absorbed.   It took some months after being gluten free for us to be able to
> begin bolusing before a meal again.    At the moment Sasha is having to give
> insulin after food and a smaller amount as she has had a gastric virus and
> has been ill on and off for 10 days.  The absorbtion of the food has been
> quite badly effected.  It reminds me of the pre coeliac diagnosis days
> Kind regards
> Jackie J
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