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Re: [IPk] spare leather case for a Medtronic pump?

I agree-SPI belts are great.

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Subject: Re: [IPk] spare leather case for a Medtronic pump?

Spibelts are really good...


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HiB  folks
I've tried a number of cases for my Medtronic Paradigm pump, and theB 
only one that feels secure for playing sportB  is the original leatherB 
clip case. It's the one with an attached clip and a flap that velrosB 
down over a clear panel (so you can press buttons on the pump withoutB 
taking it out of the case, if you lift the flap. However, they don'tB 
make them any more apparently, and mine is falling apart. Does anyoneB 
happen to have a spare one lurking around that they don't use? Or otherB 

I tend to use the Decathlon neoprene phone case asB  my regular pump case
for everyday use, which I actually find easier toB  use, but the clip is
too flimsy for playing sport as the case sometimesB  comes unclipped when
I'm running or jumping. The one for the MedtronicB  leather case is much
stiffer, which means it doesn't come undone, thoughB  it's harder to get
on andB  off!
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