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[IPk] Re:

All this is interesting as when i want on a pump(animas2020) about 
18months ago- i was intially shown onepump. then when the funding came 
through(5 months) given a choice of 3 - i think one was a veo - I chose 
on  how it felt,looked ....... i liked the animas screen and simple up 
down buttons. the only complaint i would have are recently  sometimes 
the buttons dont press in aswell (or maybe its my nails). I have never 
contacted animas except for supplies. MycDSN and I work it out. 
Basically we  looked through book together when no t sure  - and heror 
Dr made changes to basal according to my readings . 

PAT ( diabetic since 97,insulin pen since 99,pump since 2009)

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Date: Apr 20, 2011 17:43 
To: <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: Replacement pump WAS Re: [IPk] vibe

On 20/04/11 17:36, Siobhan Murphy wrote:
> It might be that Derriford have bought into a contract with one of 
the other
> pump companies - I've heard of this happening a lot. Regardless of 
PCT, some
> hospitals will only purchase one type of pump - Bournemouth being 
one - they
> have a deal with Roche so only supply patients with Roche pumps.

But it's not Derriford who are funding the pump. So they don't buy 
Cornwall would. So it doesn't matter what contracts they have in 
at Derriford.
The Cornwall PCT doesn't send Derriford a cheque for them to go and 
your pump....at least I'd be very surprised if they did! As long as 
fund it, you can ring up Animas yourself and order it. I did that 
my new Medtronic pump (I actually got the pump before the PCT had 
agreed the funding for the replacement, because my old pump was 
and I told Medtronic that my PCT were going to fund the new one, and 
they sent it to me in advance of getting the funding). The hospital 
never even saw my new pump, let alone dealt with Medtronic.
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