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RE: [IPk] continuing issue with occlusion alarms

Hi Barbara,

Yes the setting is at low.  I checked this on my old pump and made sure it was
set to that too on the new one.

But thanks for mentioning it.


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Hi Rhoda

Have you looked at the settings for occlusion sensitivity?  Didn't see if
this had been mentioned previously, but I have just put my new pump on and
gone through all the settings.  My occlusion sensitivity is set to 'H' as
opposed to 'L' for low.  Could you set yours to 'L' if not already done so?
I don't know if we are supposed to do this but if the option is there, why

Animas 2020

On 17 April 2011 10:36, R Martin <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  As you may recall I've been having issue with occlusion alarms and Animas
> decided I was doing everything correctly but thought there is a pump
> problem
> and it was replaced.
> New pump set up and running yesterday morning and I had 2 occlusion alarms
> yesterday: one while trying to bolus for lunch and the second one while I
> was
> sitting outside sowing seeds in pots.
> I phoned back Animas USA and spoke to the same advisor.  We slowed the rate
> of
> delivery of the bolus to Slow but couldn't work out the occlusion issue for
> the basals.
> New set, new site, fresh everything - tube not kinked, set looked okay, no
> air
> pockets in the tubing - as far as I could see.
> The priming and re-filling of the cannula all went according to plan.  The
> advisor said she would discuss it with colleagues and if they came up with
> something she would call back.
> 2am I was awakened with another occlusion alarm.
> Any suggestions folks?
> Rhoda - puzzled and frustrated.
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