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Re: [IPk] Sharps bins

I had a simular problem when I started pumping.

 At first I couldnt get a straight answer as to who was responable for disposing
of the full bins.

 Until recently the Gp's would prescribe you a 1 ltr bin (I too found the hole
it fiddely to get the medtronic resivour double needle through) and when full 
wou would phone the local council for collection.

I later started to buy 6ltr bins from St John Ambulance 

 are about (GBP)4.00 have a nice size hole for dropping things in, these would 
 last me a couple of months, the council diddnt mind picking these up as ong as
told them it was a 6ltr bin when I made the booking.

 Last week we had letters from the Local Health Board (in Wales we have LHB's
PCT's) saying that they had sub contracted it out to an external company who 
would drop off a 5ltr bin at the same time as picking up the full one, if you 
rang their service centre.

Hope this Helps,
Stuart Chadwick. 

32, Type 1 Diabetic 22 Years, Medtronic Paradigm 715 user 4 Years and 4 onths, 
Abbott Optium Xceed, Medtronic Carelink, and occasional CGMS User. 

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I have just requested a larger sharps bin from my doctors surgery as diabetes
team told me they can't give me one. They have refused for legal reasons and
will only give me a 1 litre one where the opening is too small for my pump
sharps or the clexane syringes I have been recently prescribed! In the past
other medical professionals I know personally have sneaked ones out for me but
if caught could be in trouble. Was wondering how everyone else manages?


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