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Re: [IPk] Priming Paradigm 512

I always push the insulin through to the end of the tubing before 
putting the reservoir in the pump. It's much quicker than waiting for 
around 10 units of prime to go through!
If you try doing that, then you'll know if there's a problem or not - it 
should require 0 units of prime then once you put the reservoir in.

Alison C H Jones wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestion Claire, but I don't have a problem with air 
> bubbles so don't push any insulin through manually. How many units would 
> you average to fill the tubing?
> Allie
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Clare Price" <email @ redacted>
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 10:44 AM
> Subject: Re: [IPk] Priming Paradigm 512
>> Hi Allie,
>> I wonder if when you have connected the tubing to the reservoir, do  
>> you then check again for any bubbles and push a little insulin  
>> through at this stage manually, before connecting to the pump, to get  
>> rid of air? This would then move some of the insulin through the  
>> tubing, so that when you connect to the pump and prime it doesn't  
>> need so much to go through to reach the other end.  I do this, and so  
>> therefore the prime amount happens to be less because some insulin is  
>> already in the tubing.
>> Just a thought ...
>> Clare (type 1 for 38 years, 7  months pumping, Paradigm 522)
>> On 30 Apr 2008, at 09:22, Alison C H Jones wrote:
>>> I'm on a MiniMed Paradigm 512 (2yrs) and when I primed the tubing  of 
>>> my quickset (long tubing) it used to take around 10u for the  insulin 
>>> to come out of the business end. The last 1/2 doz of times  I've 
>>> primed the insulin in filling the tubing and coming out of the  end 
>>> before its even got onto counting the units - hope that makes  sense.
>>> Is there any reason for the change? - everything seems to be  working 
>>> OK and my sets haven't changed, but I feel a bit unsettled  as this 
>>> is new.
>>> Any views welcome.
>>> Regards
>>> Allie .
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