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Re: [IPk] To Elspeth

Hi Elspeth

I can't say what it's like to wear a pump 24/7 you would need to ask me that
in 5 weeks time when I've start pumping.  But I can give you the reasons why I
choose pumping....

2 years ago I had almost run myself into the ground because of badly
controlled diabetes, my Hb's were up around 14% gulp...  I've worked very hard
since but my Hb's are still around the 9%  but this improvement is masked by
the amount of hypo's I get when trying to obtain tight control.

I have come to realise that some of my control problems is being caused by not
achieving a good steady basal profile, splitting my Levemir into 2 jabs did
help a little but can't cope with the nighttime/morning raise needs....

There are foods that I really enjoy, but very rarely eat any more, because
when I do I have to split my jab into two parts to cope with the asobtion of
the carbs so most of the times it's just too much hassle to cope with...

To make matter worse, my hypo's at work caused my manager to see if I could
basically be sacked, due the dangers that they could impose within my work
environment! I have been fighting this now for the last 18months....

The pump has flexibility, I can set my Basel rates to suit my needs from hour
to hour,  If I want that Chinese then I can sort this out as well.  If my day
changes I can decrease delivery or increase it to react to what is happening
or happened...  And I don't need to have a jab or feed the insulin that I
might have taken...  with time and patients it should be able to give me the
tight control with out the fear of having hypo's all the time (and hopefully
work will be off my back as well) and the freedom from injections everyday...
So having a pump attached to me 24/7 is a small price to pay...

I will admit with 5 weeks to go, yes I do have some apprehension about it all,
not so much about wearing the pump in bed, but the thought that I shall have
insulin being slowly pumped into me over night...  Hubby did say that I was
being dafted about this as I got insulin (levemir) in my body at night anyway
so there's no difference....  And for some strange reason dropping it down the
loo! but I think that this stems from I did this with my first mobile phone
rushing to the loo....


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i think one of the main things i got told was a negative about a pump was
because you are attached to it 24/7 then its a constant reminder you're
diabetic, well for me being frequently high and having to do 4 injections a
(i was meant to do more) is a much worse reminder. Pumps are fantastic"!! I
think i'd rather kill myself than go back onto mdi for the rest of my life, i
love my pump, it stopped being a pump about 5 days after i got it when it
a very definate part of me! They arw absolutely fantastic pieces of equipment
and i honestly believe everyone with diabetes should be entitled to one if
want it! At the same time i can totally understand your worries but theyre
amazing things!!

BETHAN JONES <email @ redacted> wrote:

Welcome to the group Elspeth,

I've been pumping for just over 2 months and I'd highly recommend it, best
thing I've done since being diagnosed diabetic. My sugars are more stable but
not perfect yet!, but I'm sure they'll improve with more experience on pump.
The main benefit I've found is that I feel a whole lot better more energy

Most people's concerns about pump is being attached 24/7 and sleeping with
for me I've had no problems at all with either. Inserting cannula was a bit
tricky at first but now I don't think twice about it.

As for choosing pump I didn't have a choice in the matter. I use the
Accu-check Spirit which I've found easy to use. There are different pumps on
the market with a lot more features and I'm sure someone on the list could
give you more details about different pumps.

Best wishes.

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