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[IPk] To Elspeth

Welcome to the group Elspeth,

I've been pumping for just over 2 months and I'd highly recommend it, best
thing I've done since being diagnosed diabetic.  My sugars are more stable but
not perfect yet!, but I'm sure they'll improve with more experience on pump.
The main benefit I've found is that I feel a whole lot better more energy etc.

Most people's concerns about pump is being attached 24/7 and sleeping with it,
for me I've had no problems at all with either.  Inserting cannula was a bit
tricky at first but now I don't think twice about it.

As for choosing pump I didn't have a choice in the matter.  I use the
Accu-check Spirit which I've found easy to use.  There are different pumps on
the market with a lot more features and I'm sure someone on the list could
give you more details about different pumps.

Best wishes.

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