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Re: [IPk] Swimming/bathing without pump

 yeah i do that sort of thing! i like to know how things work although my
boyfriends banned me from taking one of my old pumps to pieces to see how that
works as i'm allowed to keep them woo which is probably a good thing really
because i'd probably end up hurting myself.

Nigel Hammond <email @ redacted> wrote:

I dissected a canular once - out of curiosity. I can't help it. I have 
this affliction where I have to find out how things work!

It has a little squidgy disk inside for the needle to poke through - just 
like the one you get on the bottle top of the insulin vial - but much 
smaller. So, this is how it self-seals.

Nigel, Dad of Poppy (age 9). Poppy has a Medtronic 522 pump with continuous 
monitor. Lives in Milton Keynes but goes to UCLH to get proper diabetes 
support. Poppy was diagnosed in 2001. Wife: Dawn. Son; Jake (Aged 12)

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Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 11:22 AM
Subject: [IPk] Swimming/bathing without pump
> Hi
> When you go swimming or have a bath do you need to put a cap on the
> infusion set if you take your pump off? I've only been swimming once since
> getting the pump & only started worrying about this when I got in the
> pool. Likewise I usually take showers but have started having a few baths
> lately & have kept my pump on (awkward) because of thinking the water will
> get in. I think when I started my DSN said not to bother but at a recent
> pump users group I got the impression that that was what the caps in the
> infusion set boxes were for.
> Many thanks
> Gillian
> .
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