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Re: [IPk] Swimming/bathing without pump

Hi Gillian
You don't need to put the cap on as the set seals itself against water etc.
If you were going to go mud wrestling then it might be a good idea, just 
in case, but otherwise there is no need (in any case, a small amount of 
water going in would not be a major problem, though it should not happen 
I've been using a pump for 9 years and have done plenty of swimming, 
bathing and showering etc and have never used the cap thing yet!!!
In theory that is what the cap is for but it is only really for the 
ultra ultra cautious!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi
> When you go swimming or have a bath do you need to put a cap on the
> infusion set if you take your pump off? I've only been swimming once since
> getting the pump & only started worrying about this when I got in the
> pool. Likewise I usually take showers but have started having a few baths
> lately & have kept my pump on (awkward) because of thinking the water will
> get in. I think when I started my DSN said not to bother but at a recent
> pump users group I got the impression that that was what the caps in the
> infusion set boxes were for.
> Many thanks
> Gillian
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