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Re: [IPk] HBA1c of 5.7

I know what you mean, it's an awful way to start the day with a high BG 
and feeling rubbish!
But you do need to raise your BG threshold a little for a while if 
you're getting a load of lows, otherwise you're going to have no warning 
symptoms and then it's the downward spiral....
Good luck

Stephen McManus wrote:
> Hi, no not yet. It was 14.3 this morning. But my daughters catching an 
> early flight from Heathrow in the morning so I'll be up at 3am and 
> I'll test then. then do another couple of 3am's in the next week. They 
> don't like lows so rather I was high for a while which I hate as it 
> makes me feel so awful.
> Again, it's a matter of just observing and then sorting. if it's high 
> at 3 I'll go back to .4 or maybe do as you suggest. do a partial night 
> decrease depending on the trend.
> Ta.
> Steve.
> Diana Maynard wrote:
>> Hi Steve
>> Maybe you only need to reduce your basal for part of the night rather 
>> than the whole night. Have you figured out at what time your BG 
>> starts rising in the night?
>> dI
>> Stephen McManus wrote:
>>> Hi, seems that things are working. The hbaic is now 5.7 and has come 
>>> down from 5.9. Trouble is I'm still losing weight. 53.1KG's from 
>>> 55.4KG 3 weeks ago. I eat a lot of carbs for lunch etc. Anything 
>>> from 70 to 115. And that's a tin of soup and 6 slices of gluten free 
>>> bread which is the equivalent of about 2 slices of glutinous, 
>>> standard loaf bread.
>>> Saw my consultant on Thursday for the first time. He suggested 
>>> switching my basal at night down to .35 to cut out the 2s in the 
>>> morning. Trouble is I'm hitting 10s and above now. I'll give it a 
>>> week or 2 then decide. I really feel bad with any sugars above 8. 
>>> Probably due to being always <4 as norm.
>>> Steve.
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