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Re: [IPk] HBA1c of 5.7

Hi, no not yet. It was 14.3 this morning. But my daughters catching an 
early flight from Heathrow in the morning so I'll be up at 3am and I'll 
test then. then do another couple of 3am's in the next week. They don't 
like lows so rather I was high for a while which I hate as it makes me 
feel so awful.
Again, it's a matter of just observing and then sorting. if it's high at 
3 I'll go back to .4 or maybe do as you suggest. do a partial night 
decrease depending on the trend.

Diana Maynard wrote:

> Hi Steve
> Maybe you only need to reduce your basal for part of the night rather 
> than the whole night. Have you figured out at what time your BG starts 
> rising in the night?
> dI
> Stephen McManus wrote:
>> Hi, seems that things are working. The hbaic is now 5.7 and has come 
>> down from 5.9. Trouble is I'm still losing weight. 53.1KG's from 
>> 55.4KG 3 weeks ago. I eat a lot of carbs for lunch etc. Anything from 
>> 70 to 115. And that's a tin of soup and 6 slices of gluten free bread 
>> which is the equivalent of about 2 slices of glutinous, standard loaf 
>> bread.
>> Saw my consultant on Thursday for the first time. He suggested 
>> switching my basal at night down to .35 to cut out the 2s in the 
>> morning. Trouble is I'm hitting 10s and above now. I'll give it a week 
>> or 2 then decide. I really feel bad with any sugars above 8. Probably 
>> due to being always <4 as norm.
>> Steve.
>> .
> .
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