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Re: [IPk] set change

 well its just i looked in the instructions (which are totally useless) and they
sort of indicate changing the tube with the insulin and not with the set but
looking at the website i can get a combo box so theyre not both in once box and
just change the tube with the insulin as otherwise i'l never remember to change
the tube lol. Thanks

Diana Maynard <email @ redacted> wrote:

hi Sammy
Change the tubing at the same time as the set, change the reservoirs as 
and when you need to. There's no need to change the tubing with the 

email @ redacted wrote:
> i got my new pump on tuesday (paradigm 715, i wanted the 722 but my trust has
> got some contract going on with medtronic to buy 715's off them so thats what
> got, stupid people but anyway) and am due a set change tomorrow and i'm not
> quite sure what to do because on my old one i changed the set every 3 days
> the tube every 6 and when i changed the insulin i changed the adapter (i had
> dtron plus) but the pack of infusion sets i've got have all got tubes in AND
> sets but as i understand it i'm not meant to change the tube until i change
> insulin (which isnt going to coincide with the set change) so what am i
> to do with the tube, should i just use the set and then change the tube when
> run out, meaning its been unsterile for approx 24 hours which will sort of
> this time but next time it won't or should i change the tube even though i
> think i'm meant to yet. I may be missing something blindingly obvious here
but i
> didn't think to ask because it never
> occured to me it would be a problem.
> Thanks
> Sammy
> .
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