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Re: [IPk] Advice please

Hi Mary,

Just a thought, but I recently had two days of unusually high spiking  
after meals and generally higher than normal BG levels (which reduced  
periodically).  Then, when I came to change the cannula, when I took  
it out it was slightly bent.  This meant that some insulin was  
getting in, but not all.  Might be worth doing a set change to see,  
unless of course this has been going on after several set changes.   
Just thought I'd mention it.  Hope things sort out soon.

(Type 1 for 38 years, 7 months pumping, Paradigm 522)

On 24 Apr 2008, at 15:41, Mary Moody wrote:
> Di - I know all that stuff - its just that I am being constrained -  
> "my way
> or the highway" is the expression they use - and I don't want the  
> highway.
> I think the mealtime basal idea is crazy - and I have tried it but it
> doesn't seem to work. Dual waves have not worked that well either.  
> I am
> convinced my bolus is not right - I have tested basals and they  
> seem OK -
> but there is no doubt eating does seem to affect them. I am not  
> good at
> fasting because of my stomach problems. I suppose I just take the  
> trial and
> error route and give everything a go, and eventually I will get there.
> Pre-bolusing is a breat idea - however, I never seem to be  
> organised enough
> to do it. Then there is the problem with perhaps not eating  
> everything. I
> pre-bolused this morning and 2 hours after brekkie was 18.4 which  
> is high
> even for me. Down to 10.3 by lunchtime and 15.9 after lunch (pre-bolus
> again).
> Things were going quite well, however, now all seems pear-shaped  
> again. Must
> be just me.
> Mary Moody
> .
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