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Re: [IPk] Advice please


I pre-bolus when above about 6mmol/l for reasons of post meal peaks -
15 to 20 mins I think the books advise.

In the end though it turned out that my anomalous (10-15 mmol/l)
breakfast rise was due to a lack of basal (now doubled!).  Also as
Melissa says eating can increase basal requirements (I find this if I
eat a high protein or fat meal), in which case I use dual wave rather
than change my basal.

Typically now I rise by 1-6 mmol/l after eating depending on timing
and the GI of what I've eaten.

Good luck,

On 24/04/2008, Joel Milner <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Mary:
> Have you tried repeating the basal testing over the relevant periods (early
> evening or lunchtime)?   If your BG's stay steady your basal is OK. If not
> you could show the results to your DSN.
> However, if you are spiking up to 17.1 and then dropping back to 6.8 an hour
> later, this sounds too extreme a change for basal. Have you tried
> pre-bolusing?  From my experience with MDI, NovoRapid can be quite slow to
> get going. I used to prebolus up to 30 minutes ahead of food. Also,
> sometimes small meals e.g. a sandwich, cause more spikes than something with
> lots of fat and protein to slow down the digestion.  The other question is
> did you exercise in the period before these meals?  If so, it could be a
> post-exercise spike.
> Joel
> .
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