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RE:[IPk] Advice please



Have you tried repeating the basal testing over the relevant periods (early
evening or lunchtime)?   If your BG's stay steady your basal is OK. If not
you could show the results to your DSN. 


However, if you are spiking up to 17.1 and then dropping back to 6.8 an hour
later, this sounds too extreme a change for basal. Have you tried
pre-bolusing?  From my experience with MDI, NovoRapid can be quite slow to
get going. I used to prebolus up to 30 minutes ahead of food. Also,
sometimes small meals e.g. a sandwich, cause more spikes than something with
lots of fat and protein to slow down the digestion.  The other question is
did you exercise in the period before these meals?  If so, it could be a
post-exercise spike.


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