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Re: [IPk] Travel Insurance problems

I've heard not so good things about the Diabetes UK insurance (expensive 
mainly) but it may have improved.

Paula Briggs wrote:
> Try diabetes uk website - i bought via them and have asthma diabetes 
> etc and no problem .
> Paula
> On 22 Apr 2008, at 17:41, Diana Maynard wrote:
>> Hi Marc
>> Have a look in the archives of the list, this has been discussed a lot.
>> I can recommend Direct Travel as can many people on here, though 
>> there are plenty of others
>> http://www.direct-travel.co.uk/
>> They may charge a small loading because you've been hospitalised 
>> recently, but it won't exclude you.
>> I have asthma and a pump and had no problems getting covered, even 
>> for dangerous sports, with no extra loading. They did load my premium 
>> by about #10 when I wanted to travel within a month of breaking my 
>> arm and 2 hospitalisations for it, which is fair enough!
>> If you have conditions (like diabetes) you'll have to ring them 
>> rather than doing it online. Phone number on the website.
>> Di
>> Marc Taylor wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Last year my employers travel insurance (European annual multi-trip)
>>> covered me, including a history of asthma and ongoing diabetes.  My
>>> medical conditions have not changed, actually my diabetic control is
>>> much better because of the pump.
>>> This year they are refusing, because they have changed their screening
>>> policy <to exclude more people>.  They now ask diabetics about
>>> cholesterol and because I have historically taken statins (against my
>>> better judgement it has to be said, pre Dec 2006), and have a history
>>> of asthma (pre Summer 2006) and had bronchitis more than 10 years ago
>>> they will not cover me.  They also will not cover a random event like
>>> gastroenteritis because I landed up in hospital earlier this year.
>>> They'll cover me against theft etc but not these conditions medically.
>>> I'm not bothered about the asthma (peak flow >700 & cholesterol total
>>> is 4.8) because they're non-existent conditions as far as I am
>>> concerned, but I cannot travel without diabetes cover as you never
>>> know what may happen (hence the need for insurance)
>>> Rant over.  Can anyone advise recommend a travel insurance company who
>>> understand the needs of people with common medical conditions.  I can
>>> then advise our company brokers to start with them.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Marc
>>> PS - another reason not to take statins or other drugs unnecessarily
>>> .
>> .
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