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[IPk] Travel Insurance problems


Last year my employers travel insurance (European annual multi-trip)
covered me, including a history of asthma and ongoing diabetes.  My
medical conditions have not changed, actually my diabetic control is
much better because of the pump.

This year they are refusing, because they have changed their screening
policy <to exclude more people>.  They now ask diabetics about
cholesterol and because I have historically taken statins (against my
better judgement it has to be said, pre Dec 2006), and have a history
of asthma (pre Summer 2006) and had bronchitis more than 10 years ago
they will not cover me.  They also will not cover a random event like
gastroenteritis because I landed up in hospital earlier this year.
They'll cover me against theft etc but not these conditions medically.
 I'm not bothered about the asthma (peak flow >700 & cholesterol total
is 4.8) because they're non-existent conditions as far as I am
concerned, but I cannot travel without diabetes cover as you never
know what may happen (hence the need for insurance)

Rant over.  Can anyone advise recommend a travel insurance company who
understand the needs of people with common medical conditions.  I can
then advise our company brokers to start with them.


PS - another reason not to take statins or other drugs unnecessarily
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