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Re: [IPk] Newcastle Pump Users Group

Hi Laura Louise,
Yes, you can get the inserts in 6mm size. I use them myself. The insulin 
shouldn't sting. Good luck with your pump. - Mike

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From: "laura louise" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 4:11 PM
Subject: RE: [IPk] Newcastle Pump Users Group
> Hiya, yeah i use the insets too, i think they're really easy to use but 
> i've
> only changed the site 2 times by myself so far. Have you tried any other
> infusion sets?? Hopefully it's just the saline that's gonna sting and not 
> the
> insulin but i found a setting on the pump that lets you set it so that it 
> goes
> in really slowly, it puts a unit in then has a four second gap, i think if 
> i
> found the insulin did sting that it would probably help cos it's only when
> it's more than a couple of units. I tried clipping the pump to my bra for 
> bed
> and it was really good, i couldn't even feel it there and all the tubing 
> was
> under my top so it couldnt get caught on anything. Do you like the 
> Animas??
> Most people seem to have the paradigm one. Did you get the CGM put on for
> three days before you started on insulin? Because i'm getting that soon 
> and i
> was just wondering what its like, and how big it is. What size are your
> insets, mine are 9mm but i heard you can get them in 6mm. Yeah, i was 
> there
> with my Mam, we both have long dark curly hair. I was a bit nervous too, i
> thought the same as you but it was fine and everyone seemed nice and
> friendly.
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