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RE: [IPk] Newcastle Pump Users Group

Hiya, yeah i use the insets too, i think they're really easy to use but i've
only changed the site 2 times by myself so far. Have you tried any other
infusion sets?? Hopefully it's just the saline that's gonna sting and not the
insulin but i found a setting on the pump that lets you set it so that it goes
in really slowly, it puts a unit in then has a four second gap, i think if i
found the insulin did sting that it would probably help cos it's only when
it's more than a couple of units. I tried clipping the pump to my bra for bed
and it was really good, i couldn't even feel it there and all the tubing was
under my top so it couldnt get caught on anything. Do you like the Animas??
Most people seem to have the paradigm one. Did you get the CGM put on for
three days before you started on insulin? Because i'm getting that soon and i
was just wondering what its like, and how big it is. What size are your
insets, mine are 9mm but i heard you can get them in 6mm. Yeah, i was there
with my Mam, we both have long dark curly hair. I was a bit nervous too, i
thought the same as you but it was fine and everyone seemed nice and
Laura> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 10:02:58 +0100> Subject: RE: [IPk] Newcastle
Pump Users Group> From: email @ redacted> To:
and I think it does sting a little bit - but> once you get on to insulin it
shouldn't hurt - occassionally mine does a> bit and I know I should probably
change it but if its working I usually> leave it in. I think then that its
just different sites feel a bit> different. For sleeping, the first night I
put mine under my pillow but it> felt like a rock every time my head touched
it so now I clip it to the> front of my pyjamas & then it turns with me and I
don't have to think> about it.> > I have an Animas 2020 too (though in silver)
I'm so glad I chose this one> as I chose the Spirit first & then phoned Emma
up days later & asked if it> was too late to change my mind as I now wanted
the Animas. Do you use the> Insets by any chance? It was put on my purchase
order that I would be> using the Comforts but I asked if I could have the
insets & am happy with> them.> > If you have long dark hair and were at the
meeting with your mum I think I> remember you. I was a bit nervous about going
(visions of introducing> yourself to the room) but once you didn't have to do
that I really enjoyed> it.> > Gillian> > I can't think of who you are but i'm
sure if i seen you i'd remember. The> > trial is going good so far, but i'm
still sometimes finding it a bit> > akward> > for sleeping at stuff, but it's
going alright, i think i'm gonna like it> > once> > i get insulin in. I was
really suprised at the insets, they don't hurt> > very> > much, i'm sure most
my needles hurt more than that! Did you have a trial> > with> > saline? Cos
i've found that when i bolus for anymore than 3 units it> > stings, i> > don't
know whether it's because it's saline or if that's just what> > happens. I> >
have the animas 2020 (in pink :p) Which pump do you use?> > Laura> Date: Mon,
21 Apr 2008 19:45:03 +0100> Subject: RE: [IPk] Newcastle> > Pump Users Group>
From: email @ redacted> To:> > people to come in and sat in the
seat that held the> door open (43, short> > dark> > hair & specs wearing grey
trousers and black> top) Although I had most of> > the> > info already from
this site I did still> think it was very good. In> > particular> > it made me
think more about site> preparation and after care when I heard> > what> >
other people use (I don't use> anything) I also thought it was really> >
interesting just seeing and talking> to other people who have pumps as I,> >
like> > you, don't know anybody else who> has one.> > How is your trial going?
I> > think> > the hospital is really good and Dr Shaw> and Emma in particular
are really> > helpful. I go to another hospital for my> diabetes review and
they have> > just> > started a pump clinic and have asked me> to go there for
everything but I> > really can't fault the care at the> General. Have you
chosen your pump and> > if> > so which one are you going for?> > Cheers>
Gillian> > Yes, i was there! I> > hadn't started a pump then though, i've just
got one> > on> > Thursday but> > still only have saline in it. Yes i did find
it useful> > because i> >> > don't> > know anyone who has a pump. What do you
look like? Maybe i will> >> > remember> >> > you.> > Laura > Date: Mon, 21 Apr
2008 13:19:21 +0100> Subject: [IPk]> > Newcastle> > Pump> > Users Group> From:
email @ redacted> To:>> > >> > at the Pump Users Group a couple of
weeks> back held at Newcastle> > General.> >> > I> > never thought to ask
before I went and> there were quite a few> > people> >> > there. I> > did tell
a couple of people about> this site and how good it> > was> > as they> > had>
> not heard of it. If you were> there -did you find it> > useful?> > Cheers>>
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