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RE: [IPk] Newcastle Pump Users Group

I can't think of who you are but i'm sure if i seen you i'd remember. The
trial is going good so far, but i'm still sometimes finding it a bit akward
for sleeping at stuff, but it's going alright, i think i'm gonna like it once
i get insulin in. I was really suprised at the insets, they don't hurt very
much, i'm sure most my needles hurt more than that! Did you have a trial with
saline? Cos i've found that when i bolus for anymore than 3 units it stings, i
don't know whether it's because it's saline or if that's just what happens. I
have the animas 2020 (in pink :p) Which pump do you use?
Laura> Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 19:45:03 +0100> Subject: RE: [IPk] Newcastle
Pump Users Group> From: email @ redacted> To:
people to come in and sat in the seat that held the> door open (43, short dark
hair & specs wearing grey trousers and black> top) Although I had most of the
info already from this site I did still> think it was very good. In particular
it made me think more about site> preparation and after care when I heard what
other people use (I don't use> anything) I also thought it was really
interesting just seeing and talking> to other people who have pumps as I, like
you, don't know anybody else who> has one.> > How is your trial going? I think
the hospital is really good and Dr Shaw> and Emma in particular are really
helpful. I go to another hospital for my> diabetes review and they have just
started a pump clinic and have asked me> to go there for everything but I
really can't fault the care at the> General. Have you chosen your pump and if
so which one are you going for?> > Cheers> Gillian> > Yes, i was there! I
hadn't started a pump then though, i've just got one> > on> > Thursday but
still only have saline in it. Yes i did find it useful> > because i> > don't
know anyone who has a pump. What do you look like? Maybe i will> > remember> >
you.> > Laura > Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 13:19:21 +0100> Subject: [IPk]
Newcastle> > Pump> > Users Group> From: email @ redacted> To:> >
at the Pump Users Group a couple of weeks> back held at Newcastle General.> >
I> > never thought to ask before I went and> there were quite a few people> >
there. I> > did tell a couple of people about> this site and how good it was
as they> > had> > not heard of it. If you were> there -did you find it
useful?> > Cheers>> > Gillian> .>
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