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Re: [IPk] Might just get a choice!

Hi Jo,

It's great that you have been offered a pump, I can remember talking to 
you - many months ago - about getting the pump at the Bristol meeting we all 
I just checked the UK Insulin Pumpers Website and there is a great page, 
written by Pat, which may give you an idea on what pump you could choose.


I have to say that I wasn't offered a choice, or if that was the case - I 
just wasn't listening.  If you can remember I use the Accu-Chek Spirit, and 
when I started using it I just used the 'Beginners' setting.  I feel that 
the pump has now grown with me.  I also have been very lucky in getting all 
the additional Extras provided by Roche.  I did at one time want to try the 
Medtronic Pump, but I found it impossible to get any 'CUSTOMER SERVICE'.  I 
even wanted to buy a CGM, and no one replied - I didn't just e-mail them 
either!, I rang and was told someone would get back to me.  Obviously when 
they didn't I decided not to take it a further.  I agree that we all have 
different needs from the pumps we use.  From My own personnel experience the 
pump sort of grows up with you, but I hope that the link on the UK pumpers 
website gives you an insight into what's available.



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Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 2:21 PM
Subject: [IPk] Might just get a choice!
> Hi All
> I wrote the other week concerning starting the pump and the hospitals
> preferred pump...  At the time I had only a verbal dates and was awaiting 
> a
> offfical letter.  Well the official has now arrived...
> There is two parts that makes me ponder to about choice?
> On the first training date on the 7th May states that this is a 
> introduction
> to carb counting (already doing) and quote 'Oppertunity to look at the 
> insulin
> pump with a final decision as to which type shortly after the day.
> Futher in the letter it says that a group of us 4/5 will be starting 
> together
> (I'm hoping that if everyone else decides to drop out for what ever reason 
> it
> doesn't stop me from starting!) It then goes on to explain that unless 
> there
> is a specific reason for using a alteritive pump make or model that we all 
> be
> starting on the same pumps...  It does go onto to explain that when our 
> pumps
> are due to be replaced in 4+ years that we will be a position to choose 
> our
> pumps!!!!
> So it's going to be interesting to see what pumps they've got, what they 
> mean
> by 'specific reason' as I have a fair idea what pump I would like.....  I
> wonder if my reasoning is going to be specific enough to choose it?
> Jo
> P.S
> John Davis and Lesley Jordan will be pleased as with the gumpth that I
> recieved witht he letter they do point us towards not only the different
> manufacturers of pumps, but also to the INPUT site as well....
> .
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