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Re: [IPk] Might just get a choice!

Hi Di

Sorry every one for the triple post problems with this flipping bt/yahoo
browser ahhhh

I know what you mean....  Does one assume that we look at several pumps (and
hopefully we all prefer the same pump/model?)

The ability to set basal rates for different amounts and times I feel is going
to be really helpful to steady my control...  Also I'm thinking about the
increments side of the delivery of insulin,  at times depending on my BG
reading a unit of insulin can send my levels down into my boots or make very
little difference at all, so the finner the increment the better options I
have to fine tune....

I know that a lot of the above I really won't know what I do need until I
start to pump, but it must be better to have the option available and not need
it rather than wishing that you had it and waiting 4+ years before you can
change it...  And there is the information that most of the other pumps give
tend to be a lot better than the Accu-chek spirit of which I know that they
aren't essential to have, but must be helpful to a new user such as me....

I think that the lack of information is based on the fact that you are
attending a 1 day introduction, so have left a lot of the information to be
explained then oh what a pain that is....


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Subject: Re: [IPk] Might just get a choice!

Seems odd that they say you'll all be on the same pump, but not which
one that is!
I can see their reasoning, they might as well train you on the same pump
if you don't have any strong feeling about which pump you want.
What is your reasoning for the pump you want?
We can help you provide some further reasons perhaps!

> Hi All
> I wrote the other week concerning starting the pump and the hospitals
> preferred pump...  At the time I had only a verbal dates and was awaiting a
> offfical letter.  Well the official has now arrived...
> There is two parts that makes me ponder to about choice?
> On the first training date on the 7th May states that this is a
> to carb counting (already doing) and quote 'Oppertunity to look at the
> pump with a final decision as to which type shortly after the day.
> Futher in the letter it says that a group of us 4/5 will be starting
> (I'm hoping that if everyone else decides to drop out for what ever reason
> doesn't stop me from starting!) It then goes on to explain that unless
> is a specific reason for using a alteritive pump make or model that we all
> starting on the same pumps...  It does go onto to explain that when our
> are due to be replaced in 4+ years that we will be a position to choose our
> pumps!!!!
> So it's going to be interesting to see what pumps they've got, what they
> by 'specific reason' as I have a fair idea what pump I would like.....  I
> wonder if my reasoning is going to be specific enough to choose it?
> Jo
> P.S
> John Davis and Lesley Jordan will be pleased as with the gumpth that I
> recieved witht he letter they do point us towards not only the different
> manufacturers of pumps, but also to the INPUT site as well....
> .
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