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RE: [IPk] To Laura Winter

Hi Laura

I do sympathise with your situation, but can also see it from your
employer's point of view. I know that nowadays employers cannot afford to
have any "spare" staff and every employee must be seen to pull their weight
during work hours.

This is what I do. I always have my testing kit with me, plus a small bag of
jelly babies. Although we are not supposed to eat in front of the patients
(I am a receptionist at a doctors' surgery), I have been known to say "I'm
sorry, but I am diabetic, my sugars are low, and I need to eat this now" to
a patient - 2 bites later and I can carry on. I have been answering phone
calls while drinking lucozade, with a bg of 1.7. Not ideal, but sometimes it
just has to be done.

If there are spare staff to cover that is fine, but if not, then you have to
do what you have to do, although the people paying your wages will expect
you to work as well.

Also always wear your pump upside down so that any bubbles will not go
through the tube, then they will still be there for you to deal with in your
own time - there is no need to panic about priming them out immediately - do
it at your next break, or when you get home.

Hopefully if you can just follow these 2 suggestions, both you and your boss
will be safe and happy. You may not find a better new job.

Good luck


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Thanks Sue

My basals are all sorted. Back at work with a few problems! I work for
and I am a trained fitter.I went low one day this week and also had air
bubbles, so went off the shop floor to sort them out, but was needed on the
shop floor. The duty manager for that day who is a Team Leader said that I
would have to leave the pump and my blood sugar till they was more staff on
the shop floor after her dinner break. As I am a newy to all the pump nad
situation, is it exceptable for them to say that? It has left me looking for
new job and QUICK! Lol.



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Subject: [IPk] To Laura Winter

Hi Laura,

I am a bit behind with my emails and trying to catch up. When i saw your
email from sunday 6 April, when you were trying so hard to get everything
and having a few problems. Try not to worry, it is early days yet. You have
to take things slowly, and can't expect everything to be right in such a
space of time.  Stick with it, with the support of your DSN and people on
this board. I hope you have made it up with your mum! I'm sure she
and only wants to support you.

I know you want to get things sorted as quickly as possible, but remember,
good nights sleep is also important (as long as you are not going too low
running into problems!).

Take care, and you will get there. We all understand, and have probably
in similar circumstances.

Good luck


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