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Re: [IPk] First pump emergency

Hi All,

Please donbt think I am doing a "I am better at this than you thing" but I
have only ever had insertion problems with quicksets sticking in my inserter
2-3 times, which in a year roughly works out to be about a 2% failure rate.

What I found contributed to these stuck sets was where there is a little tab
to pull of the cover protecting the adhesive it looked as if it had not been
trimmed cleanly.

What you havenbt said is if all the sets you have had a problem with are
from the same batch, it might be worth checking this and asking to try a box
from a different batch.

If you keep having performance problems with the Quicksets Medtronic have a
number of alternatives to use with their pumps.

I agree that the Quickset seems the easiest and (as it name suggests) quick,
but if you are having problems with it, leading to complications such as High
BGbd and Ketonebs, you do really have to consider another option.

When I stated pumping I was allowed to try both the Silhouettes and the
Quicksets to see which one I preferred. I had no problems with the Quicksets
and preferred them so I stuck with them, where my pump partner preferred
Silhouettes and she stuck with them, and now she can change a set as quickly
as I can.

Donbt feel that because you currently have Quicksets you cannot try
something else and then swap back if you donbt like the new ones.

It also might be worth seeing if you can try to get an appointment with your
DSN and have a review of insertion technique.

Hope this Helps.


P.S. I change my set when I get home from work about 6ish in the evening, this
allows me 1-2 hrs before dinner to see what is happening before I bolus for my
evening meal.

Diabetic T1 19 Years, Paradigm 715 user 1 year 5 months, Carelink user, and
occasional CGMS User.

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Yes Joel - I told you know who - not the detail but just that I would like
to change to different sets. She texted to say she had too many meetings
today to be able to talk to me, but would phone me on Monday. She goes on
about 14 being the emergency level all the time and you will get a set of
instructions and a flow chart telling you what to do. My first week was
difficult because I felt I knew what to do, but if I followed her
instructions I would have been on the phone to her all the time - one
occasion at 3 a.m.! When I told her the next day she told me that that would
have been fine. She had me scared to correct because I had my knuckles
rapped a few times for doing my own thing. On one occasion I asked myself
"what is worse - annoying her or having DKA" and decided that DKA was
definitely the worst option and did my own thing. My GP asked me yesterday
if I had done anything on my own initiative that hadn't worked and I had to
answer honestly "No".

Mary Moody
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