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[IPk] Mary: 1st pump emergency

Hi Mary

I really must back up what everyone else has said... Sils are much more
reliable and safe than Quicksets. When on QS we had frequent set failures,
as you said, follwed by highs that take hours to come down. Set failures on
Sils are very rare and only liely to occur if you hit a blood vessel.

What is it about the angle that bothers you? It doesn't need to be exact
anywhere between 25 and 45 degrees will work. By definition vertical (90
Degree) insertion is more likely to hit bllod vessels, muscle or just kink
with movement. Just watch the movement in  your stomach muscles when you sit
down and stand up. The Sils seem to move with you.

As I have recently posted... the Sils are very easy and quick top insert and
my 11 year old daughter has been doing her own manual insertions with Sils
since she was 10! Using the Sil-serter is scary and fiddly and I would not
recommend this.

I will try and video Sarah's next site change and try to post it (not that
techy, but I'll give it a go).

Karen (mum to Saarh, diabetic 10 years, also hypothyroid, pumping
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