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Re: [IPk] First pump emergency

Dear Mary,

I had a lot of episodes like yours a few months back.  It got to the  
point where I just couldn't get any insulin in me (I am on quicksets,  
but 9mm not 6mm).  I now cut around the "sticky stuff" before putting  
it into the inserter as each one was getting caught on the way in and  
not inserting properly.  This has worked extremely well since cutting  
each one down, and I have mentioned this to Medtronic also, as I  
think they need to be made a little smaller in circumference.

It's a horrible experience and makes you feel very anxious when the  
BG goes high like that, it's quite scary.  I have learnt now though  
that it takes at least 2 hours after a correction of insulin before a  
very high BG will even begin to lower, and then it is quite slow to  

I always change my set before breakfast or before lunch, so that I  
can check the bolus is working for that meal, and also it gives me  
time to change it later in the day if there appears to be a problem  
with it.

Hope the above might be of some help, and if I had any further  
problems I would definitely change to the sils, but I'm OK at present.

I hope you soon feel better Mary.

(Type 1 for 38 years, 7 months pumping, Paradigm 522)
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