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RE: [IPk] First pump emergency

Hi Mary

 I would go for Sils. At least you know its in properly and not bent over. They
are not difficult to do and my daughter can do her own when she can reach and
her friend the same age inserts them manually.

We change do a set change before the evening meal.  This was if there was a
problem with the site it would show up pretty quickly if the bolus hadn't gone
in.   Whereas if you do a set change after a bolus you will only be pushing
basal and if someone has low basal needs it might be hours before a problem
shows up.
Doing it at this time also give you time to sort out any problems before late
evening or night time.

Its usually recommended that people do routine set changes before you are about
to have a meal.


> BG was high at lunch time (15) having been normal mid morning. Replaced set
> this morning. Tested half an hour later and it was 20.4, so decided to
> change the set. Was in someone else's car on the way to a building site.
> Sticky stuff adhered to inserter so set was totally messed and I only had
> one with me. Took an injection using a pen and an hour later BG had gone up
> to 26 with ketones of 1.4. Drank 3 big glasses of water and a cup of tea.
> Really panicked! Work colleagues drove me home (took ages - every traffic
> light was red). Felt really sick in the car and my chest felt tight - was
> convinced I was going to be a hospital case. Fortunately I was back down at
> 20 with ketones of 0.9 when I got home. Found that the cannula had bent
> right in half and hadn't gone into my body at all. Had another bad
> experience on Monday when I had to change my set at lunchtime after a
> morning change - however, it appeared absolutely fine then.
> Problem is, I usually change set after breakfast. This means that because of
> breakfast bolus affecting BG 1-3 hours afterwards, it is really hard to tell
> if the set is working OK. I find that my boluses hang around for ages, so I
> need to work out a good time to change set and just can't think of one.
> Other option is to get away from these Quicksets, but I just don't fancy the
> idea of Sils, I think they sound really complicated and hard to insert.
> Mary Moody
> .

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