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[IPk] To Kelly

Hi Kelly,

I've been diabetic for 5B= years (type 1) and was on MDI, Levemir and
Novorapid.  I've now been pumping for nearly 2 months.  The main concern
people have, as I did, is being attached 24/7, for me this has been no problem
at all, even sleeping with pump hasn't been any trouble.

The main reason I was put on pump was because I was having a lot of hypos
which were really getting me down.  Still having hypos, but now I know what
I've done wrong if I have a hypo, and hopefully these will decrease with more

My BGs aren't as good as what I expected but they are more stable.  The main
benefit is that I'm feeling a lot better in myself, have a lot more energy and
not feeling tired all the time.  Also, of course not having to inject 4/5
times a day.  I'ts much more easier, especially when eating out not having to
fumble about with injections.

I would never go back to MDI.

Best wishes.

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